Flatpack2 Integrated rectifier systems

Flatpack2 Integrated rectifier systems

Flatpack2 systems offer a variety of solutions for every application. Flatpack2 rectifier systems can be used to power a wide range of 48V and 24V applications. The power of the system is from 2kW to 288kW, depending on the number and power of the rectifier modules. They are constructed for telecom applications, industrial and data center applications.


Flatpack2 Integrated rectifier systems

Flatpack2 Integrated rectifier systems are a combination of modular design, efficiency and reliability. The integrated rectifier system (MPSU-Modular Power Supply Unit) contains a control and monitoring unit Smartpack, rectifier modules, distribution (MCB) and protection (LVLD and LVDB). Cabinet configuration is flexible, depending on user requirements. The cabinet can be for indoor or outdoor installation, with the possibility of integrating MPSU and batteries. The SmartPack controller monitors performance and allows the operator to control and to monitore the system, remote or locally.

The standard warranty is 2 years.

Available services: Electrical design and installation, custom designed electrical cabinets for electrical distribution as well as control, management and protection, installation and commissioning of rectifier systems and batteries, battery capacity test, system assembly, start- up, preventive maintenance, product repair and customer training.


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