Project Description

Installation of front terminal batteries for telecom base stations

Konvereks has performed delivery of stationary lead acid batteries for indoor and outdoor telecommunication systems and their installation in 19” and 23”cabinets. Indoor systems are within controlled environmental parameters, especially temperature. For indoor systems, we supplied front terminal lead acid batteries produced by FIAMM, FIT series, designed for telecommunication equipment. For outdoor telecommunications cabinets , which do not have heating and cooling control systems and where temperatures can exceed 50⁰C, FIAMM has designed the FHT series – suitable for high temperature operations. Its estimated lifetime is 7 years at an average temperature of 35⁰C.

The battery installation project consisted of:

• Making a technical drawing of the cabinet layout and method of placement of battery monoblocks;
• Procurement of FIT or FHT series batteries, 40- 180Ah capacity, depending on location;
• Battery capacity test prior to installation;
• Dismantling of existing equipment and disposal in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (Konvereks has Permission to collect electronic and battery worn components, given by Ministry of Environmental Protection);
• Delivery and installation of battery racks,
• Delivery, installation and commissioning of FIAMM batteries FIT or FHT series and
• End user battery operation training.