We participated in the 16th BIZIT Conference with the topic Micro Data Centers Complete Solution.

The all-in-one Micro Data Center includes:

  • Rack cabinet;
  • UPS device;
  • Active and / or passive cooling;
  • Protect against physical threats with camera monitoring, keylock doors, and sensors for environmental parameters monitoring, temperature, humidity, smoke detection and the presence of water;
  • Monitoring equipment – monitoring of UPS operation via integrated network management card and via sensors;
  • EcoStruxure IT software -A cloud-based secure solution that enables wherever-you-go monitoring and visibility into your IT physical infrastructure which is very convenient when there is no professional IT staff on site or when there are multiple remote locations;
  • Complete service support from assembly and Start-up to proactive maintenance.

Micro data center rack solutions (from 6U to 42U) can be deployed  in any environment – IT, office, shop, classroom, laboratory, surgery, industrial environment, etc.

In relation to the user requirements and conditions of the environment the appropriate Micro Data Center configuration is designed.