Designing Power Supply Systems for a Different Market Segments

Designing power supply systems for various industrial, infrastructure and telecom applications and data centers are carried out by our qualified electrical engineers. They hold licenses 350 for responsible designers for low and medium voltage electrical installations issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers, in accordance with local, national and organizational guidelines.

We carry out the entire procedure of power supply designing for plants, infrastructure facilities and data centers, which includes the following stages:

Designing task

Designing task consists of discussions with the investor and on-site visit to gather the necessary information about the location, the type of loads, the layout of the equipment, the quality of the power supply and the electrical distribution.

Design of the main project

The main goals in the design of power supply systems and data centers are flexibility and scalability, which includes optimal space planning, design of electrical and mechanical installations, criticality, budget, proper sizing of equipment that will support the growth plan, UPS systems, cabinets, racks, air management options, cable management and protection against physical risk and growth plan.

Conceptual design

Conceptual design is a blueprint for the physical dimensions and layout of all system components.

Final sets of as-built drawing

After completion of the work, we submit final sets of as-built drawing.

The fact that we have licenses for design and construction of electrical installations, 20 years of experience in designing and implementation of uninterruptible power supply projects, as well as reputable suppliers, assures our clients in the competence of our employees and the compliance of products and services with the latest standards and regulations.

If you need any information or you want an advice or help with the current state of your equipment or projects yet to come – feel free to contact us.