Our vision is to be recognized as a reliable partner in the field of uniterruptible power supply on Serbian market– as a company that best understands the customer`s needs and meets their expectations.


Our fundamental values are: establishing long-term relations with our customers and suppliers, customer-oriented approach, equipment quality, permanent improvement and social responsibility.

Team work

The key to our success are our employees – the constant improvement of their skills and development of corporate culture based on respect, fairness and loyalty.

Konvereks was founded in 2000 as a logical step forward of the founder’s decades of experience in the field of uninterruptible power supply. The business is based on two major values, which are still our top priority: engineers’ competences and a high level of service support.

Since the very beginning, we have focused on the real values, such as knowledge, product and service quality, establishing strong partnership with suppliers and customers, respect of the employees and environment protection. Our team consists of committed and qualified employees, experts at their professions. Their devotion to the job, experience and responsibility, good knowledge of the products, communication skills with clients and suppliers are the foundations of our successful business and long- term cooperation with companies, some of which have been with us since our foundation.

For years we have been permanently improving: our employees have attended a number of education and training seminars, our engineers hold engineering licenses and our service technicians are certified by manufacturers. We have implemented ISO standards and we keep developing and improving, since that is for us the only path to the success.

Today, Konvereks is a powerful company in the field of uninterruptible power supply, providing complete solutions and guaranteeing the highest quality of products and services.

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  • Batutova 7
    11000 Belgrade, Serbia

  • +381 (0) 11 24 14 797
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  • Batutova 7
    11000 Belgrade, Serbia

  • +381 (0) 11 24 14 797
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  • Batutova 7
    11000 Belgrade, Serbia

  • +381 (0) 11 30 89 221
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