On-site Preventive Maintenance Visit

Konvereks has contracted maintenance for over 300 UPS devices. Our policy is prevention before problems arise.
Preventive maintenance visit is very important for proper functioning of the UPS system.

Our preventive maintenance visit includes:

  • Visual inspection of premises and installations;
    Visual inspection of equipment;
  • Environmental inspection;
  • Inspection of all power and control of wire termination points as well as all UPS and/or PDU system components;
  • Functional verification (rectifier, output current, inverter voltage, harmonic distortion, calibration);
  • Battery check (visual check, capacity check, voltage difference display, battery discharge curve);
  • Device cleaning;
    Software updates implementation;
  • Recommendation of any additional service activities as required resulting from the preventive maintenance activities;
  • Submitting a graphical site report documenting UPS status and on-site activities and
  • Identifying potential problems with the system and proposal of preventive measures and replacement of spare parts.