Installation of batteries and rectifiers for indoor systems

Konvereks has performed delivery and installation designs for rectifiers and stationary lead acid batteries for INDOOR telecommunication systems on several occasions. One of those projects, implemented in 2019, included 11 locations in Serbia and consisted of:
• Creating technical drawing of the cabinet layout, with technical Illustration of power supply distribution and method of placement of rectifier modules and battery monoblocks in the cabinet;
• Procurement of Eltek rectifier systems and FIAMM stationary lead acid batteries;,
• Performing battery capacity test;
• Designing rectifier cabinet with IP20 protection, 20kW power, expandable up to 26kW with FP2 HE modules;
• Designing and manufacturing of power supply distribution;
• Designing of battery rack based on drawing of battery monoblock placements and available space;
• Dismantling of existing equipment and disposal in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (Konvereks has Permission to collect electronic and battery worn components, given by Ministry of Environmental Protection);
• Delivery and laying of cables;
• Delivery, installation and commissioning of the rectifier cabinet;
• Delivery and installation of battery racks;
• Delivery, installation and commissioning of FIAMM Front Terminal FIT series batteries, 12V, 150- 180Ah capacity, depending on location;
• Software installation and setup for controlling and remotely adjusting rectifier system parameters;
• Testing of electrical installation: measuring of earth resistance, cable Insulation resistance between laid cables, short-circuit loop impedance and continuity of protective conductors;
• Switching loads during the night and within a strictly limited period of time;
• Functional testing of the rectifier system and
• End user system operation training.