Installation and commissioning of the uninterruptible power supply system

Installation and commissioning of the uninterruptible power supply system is a guarantee that the system will be mounted and connected according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The services are performed by certified service technicians, trained at the manufacturer’s factory, using licensed software and appropriate tools. Our engineers have licenses 450 – responsible contractor of electrical installations of low and medium voltage issue by Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

We guarantee efficient system installation, proper parameter setting and system start-up according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

FAT – Factory acceptance test

Testing of equipment at the manufacturer’s factory in the presence of the customer.

Electrical Works

Although the scale and complexity of electrical work will depend on the size and complexity of the installation itself, it will probably include:

  • Designing new or reworking of existing electrical installations
  • Laying and connecting cables (from AC power sources to UPS, from UPS output to distribution to loads, between UPS and batteries)
  • Design of grounding
  • Design of distribution solutions for DC power supplies and rectifiers
  • Installation and connection of communication and signal cables for management and software
  • Installation of fire alarm system
  • Installation of access control and monitoring system
  • Installation and adjustment of rack and its equipment
  • Installation of Static Transfer switch (STS)

In order to provide our customers with a quality and comprehensive service, after performing new or changes to the electrical installation, we perform measurements and controls, which include:

  • Measurement of electrical insulation resistance
  • Measurement of the continuity of the protective conductors
  • Measurement of the impedance of the short-circuit and fault loop impedance
  • Testing phase rotation- on 3 phase systems
  • Residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) testing
  • Measurement of ground resistance.

Electrical cabinets – customized for each project

  • Installation of external manual bypass.
  • We install custom designed electrical cabinets for electrical distribution as well as control, management and protection
  • The most important task of an electrical cabinet is to control the central power system.
    Circuit breakers and fuses must be properly sized and connected within the electrical cabinet to regulate power supply to individual consumers and provide adequate protection for all circuits
  • Accordingly, custom cabinet design is extremely important as it is the only way to ensure that all features are tailored directly to the customer’s requirements and specifications and project goals.

Assembly and installation of equipment

  • We install the equipment according to the site plan or project
  • The service technicians will install all modules inside the UPS or DC system, connect the batteries, install the racks and cabinets and equipment in the racks
  • The service technicians will connect the input-output cables, signal cables, connect batteries, cables between battery cabinets and switches and cables between the device and the battery breaker box;


Start-up service is a key part of effective use of an uninterruptible power supply system that includes:

  • Wiring verification
  • Activation and checking of system functionality in all modes to ensure compliance with manufacturer specifications
  • Control that communication options are properly configured
  • Functional tests
  • Basic operator training.

Start-up service is the obligation for accepting a factory warranty. Commissioning and installation of the system must be carried out with the manufacturer’s licensed service software, which is obtained after factory service training.