Preventive maintenance enables customer equipment to operate reliably and without interruption

Regular maintenance of the equipment reduces downtime and costs and improves operational efficiency. System maintenance optimizes operations, budget and equipment service life through improved efficiency and increased security. Based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and common practice for three-phase UPS devices, DC systems and electric generators that power critical infrastructure, after the warranty period we recommend that the equipment is covered with a maintenance contract.

Our policy is prevention before problems occur.

Extended Warranty

The customer who chooses this option receives full support from our service, which includes: on-site repairs in the event of a problem (with original spare parts), or replacement with a new device, if repair is not possible. This service is purchased with the equipment. With APC, the extended warranty for three-phase UPS also includes one on-site annual preventive maintenance visit.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance provides comprehensive control of the environment, UPS systems and batteries to ensure that the components function in accordance with the technical specification and that the environmental parameters are within the permitted limits. Annual preventive maintenance contracts offer a variety of dynamics and service levels that are customized to meet specific equipment and customer requirements.

This service is available in several options:

  • Advantage Ultra Service

All costs are predefined and are included in the maintenance contract price.

This package of services, provided by our certified service personnel, includes:

  1. preventive service, two on-site preventive remedial repairs in the event of a problem on the UPS system
  2. Includes all labor and travel costs
  3. Priority access to supply chain and replacement of spare parts in the event of a system failure.

Advantage Ultra Service is purchased before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

  • Annual maintenance

Within this package, we provide:

  1. On-site preventive maintenance visit during the agreement year – the number of visits is agreed and adjusted to meet the needs of the user.
  2. Response time within a defined period to the urgent remedial repairs.
  3. Replacement device option in case of longer repair of equipment.
  •    On-site preventive maintenance visit

This service is available as a one-time service or may be included in service contracts.