On-line FAT, delivery and installation of stabilizer 800kVA

We have achieved the high investitor demands for voltage stabilization, in the new automotive industry factory in Smederevska Palanka, with a static voltage stabilizer. Ortea’s Odisey unit is the largest in terms of power (800kVA), and in terms of technology the highest-end device installed in the region. Similar to UPS devices, double-conversion tolopogy was applied here, as well.

Due to the closed borders and the current situation with the corona virus, the factory acceptance test (FAT) was done on-line, and after the successful FAT, the stabilizer was delivered on site, installed and put into operation.

The result of all this is the smooth running of industrial processes, regardless of problems with voltage fluctuations in the distribution network. The continuous availability of stable voltage supply is guaranteed (output voltage accuracy: ±0.5 with regards to the nominal value), despite of input voltage variation up to 30%, with the correction speed <3 millisecs.