More than 50 engineers attended the “Stationary lead acid batteries” technical seminar which we organised together with FIAMM S.p.A. from Italy. The one-day seminar was held on February 26, 2015, at the Holiday Inn hotel. The programme included technical and safety aspects of industrial lead acid batteries. The main topics covered were:

  • Different types of batteries for different applications and electrochemical aspects of sealed lead acid (VRLA) and flooded batteries,
  • Adequate battery dimensioning, installation, maintenance and warranty,
  • Capacity testing and measuring methods,
  • Security requirements, i.e. impact on people and the environment,
  • Applicable European standards, directives and norms,
  • Practical examples.

Second part of the programme included trends- presentation of new sodium nickel chloride technology and 110VDC and 48VDC energy storage systems.