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UPS for Networks and Servers

SMT, SMX, SRT, Easy UPS On-Line Series.

Intelligent and efficient protection of servers and network equipment. Power capacity is from 450VA (280W) to 20kVA (16kW). This product range is designed for • Servers • Networking equipment (routers, modems, switches, habs and other networking equipment) • Point of sale (POS) • Data / voice networks • Sensitive medical and laboratory equipment (SRT series) • Light industrial applications (SRT series ).


APC by Schneider Electric Smart UPS protects equipment and important data from costly power outages by providing a reliable and high-quality power supply. APC Smart UPS is capable of supporting loads from 1 to 20kVA in a rack/ tower convertible form. It can be configured with matching battery packs to comply with extended autonomy demands. It can be used with both VRLA and Li-Ion batteries. There is a model of Smart UPS for almost every application and budget.

Warranty is 3 years on UPS electronics and 2 years on internal and external VRLA batteries, and 5 years on UPS with Li-Ion batteries.

Available Services: Extended warranty, assembly and start-up, preventive maintenance and corrective actions, repairment, replacement of batteries and original spare parts.