Three phase UPS

Three phase UPS

Easy UPS 3S and 3M Series, Galaxy VS, Galaxy VM, Galaxy VX, Symmetra PX, Gutor PXC Series.

Highest level of energy efficiency 3Ph protection – UPS systems with advanced performance. Power capacity is from 10kW to 1.6MW. Designed for • Data Centers • WLAN • Telecommunications • Edge •Mission- Critical Systems • Central UPS for Buildings • Industrial / Manufacturing Processes.


APC by Schneider Electric 3 Phase UPS systems solve today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated enterprise solutions. UPS systems are available in various power capacities and types. They have modular and compact design, scalable power and autonomy, batteries can be VRLA or Li-Ion. A parallel UPS configuration can be for increasing power (2N, 3N, 4N) or security (N + 1 or 2N + 1 redundancy). Symmetra product range has redundant power, runtime, and optional power distribution in a single unit. The operation of the device can be monitored through the EcoStruxure IT monitoring software.

Warranty is 1 year from Start-Up.

 Available services: Design, electrical installation, assembly and start-up, extended warranty, preventive maintenance, corrective actions, repairment, batteries and original spare parts replacement.