Security and Environmental Monitoring

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Security and Environmental Monitoring

NetBotz sensors, cameras, licenses, smart devices designed for security and environmental visibility.

Security monitoring and of the environment. Protects against environmental or human physical threats, such as high temperature, humidity, airflow, fluid flow, and unauthorized access and human errors, that cause disruption or downtime to IT assets from individual network cabinets to data centers.  Downtime can be prevented through monitoring, managing and controlling the environment.


NetBotz smart device is a real-time monitoring solution for equipment and includes sensors, cameras and access control.

NetBotz pods and external sensors complete your monitoring solution by providing a comprehensive picture of a given environment. They cover a wide range of environmental sensors, such as temperature, humidity, air flow, fluid presence, or sensors that monitor access to a rack or room.

They are used with other NetBotz family products.

NetBotz security camera provides surveillance, motion detection, and keeps your IT environments in compliance and free of malicious or accidental access events.

NetBotz Rack Access is a fully integrated, scalable rack management solution with mass configuration enabling remote and local access control for APC and other, 3rd-party enclosures.

NetBotz provides the best solutions for monitoring and protecting IT equipment. It can also be integrated with DCIM for a single management platform that provides holistic protection of assets against threats and prevents disruptions.

The warranty is 2 years.

Available services: Design, installation, assembly and start-up, extended warranty, preventive maintenance, corrective actions, repairment.