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Industrial Generator Sets

Industrial generator sets are used for a large number of applications- stores or shopping centres, large distribution, construction sites, in telecommunications areas, hospitals, for military applications, factories and industry, sport centres, fairs and much more. The CGM, Italy, genset range includes capacity from 5kVA to 3000kVA. Diesel engines that are installed in CGM gensets are from renowned world manufacturers: Perkins, Ftp, Kohler, Doosan, Deutz, Volvo, Yanmar, Cummins, Mitsubishi, Scania e Baudouin.


Industrial Generator Sets

Gensets can be open or in soundproof canopy, for indoor or outdoor installation. They provide a stable, reliable power supply, whether it is for a backup or continuous operation.

Gensets consists of many components which greatly affect the sizing and performance:

  • Types of load and electrical characteristics of load have a significant impact on the size of the genset, system configuration and complexity of system design,
  • Key components that should be considered when selecting genset are: type of alternator, type of excitation system, type of governor and fuel type,
  • ATS (automatic transfer switch) is a device for automatic start of the genset. It is equipped with controllers that monitor the availability and condition of the power source. The switch is automatically switched from one source to another in case of power failure, i.e. from the mains to generator power,
  • The location where the unit will be installed has a significant impact on how the system will be designed and assembled. If the unit is installed inside the building in a separate, engine room, it can be without any canopy. Applicable regulations concerning noise, emissions, vibration, etc. should be taken into account . The layout of the room must meet the requirements of the manufacturer for adequate engine room ventilation, exhaust, fuel supply and servicing. If the generator system is installed outdoors, a canopy must be provided for protection against environmental conditions, such as rain, snow, corrosion, floods, etc. The canopy will also restrict unauthorized access.

Available services: Design, electrical and mechanical installation, delivery, assembly and start-up of the generator set, end-user training , extended warranty, preventive maintenance and corrective actions.