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GEL batteries OpzV

FIAMM GEL lead acid batteries with tubular plates (OPzV cells conform to DIN 40742). The SMG battery range consists of 2V cells and 12V blocks, capacity from 100Ah to 3640Ah. The FIAMM SMG tubular GEL range is designed for UPS devices, industrial automation, electricity, railway infrastructure, refineries and off-grid applications.


SMG and SMG solar series.

The SMG series range is constructed to provide a high level of robustness and is designed for applications where charge and discharge cycles have to be guaranteed with reliability. They are maintenance-free, and combine the benefits of a charge and discharge stability and wider temperature operating range. The SMG 2V cell range can also be installed horizontally in racks. SMG/S tubular GEL range is designed for high cyclic applications combined with renewable energy sources. Design life is 18 years for 2V cells and 15 years for 12V blocks.

The standard warranty is 2 years.

Available services: On site battery replacement, battery capacity test, electrical design and installation, installation of battery racks, battery installation and commissioning, extended warranty, preventive maintenance, corrective service, disassembling and recycling of used batteries.