Project Description

Batteries for Substation in Mirijevo

The project included installation of two batteries 220V 420Ah, consisting of 2V cells, LM type, produced by FIAMM, Italy. LM is a flooded battery, highly reliable, optimized for deep discharges and with excellent cycling performance.

Batteries play an important role in reliability of equipment operation in the substation.

The project included:

  • Factory Acceptance Tests -FAT at the FIAMM laboratory in Montecchio Maggiore, Italy,
  • Battery installation on earthquake proof and resistant battery racks,
  • Connecting the batteries to an existing one-way distribution,
  • Capacity test with a ten-hour discharge rate,
  • Commissioning of equipment.

The battery is a backup power source for switches and controls in the substation, since the equipment must function whether there is power from utilities.

FIAMM batteries provide reliable and safe supply, long lifetime and autonomy.